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Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs


Kind Hands
Massage Stories and Songs
Instructor's Training

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What is Kind Hands Massage Stories And Songs?


What is Kind Hands (KH)?

KH is an accredited programme for the well-being of early years children, parents and carers.
KH activities use positive and nurturing touch based on respect and choice
KH helps children’s development through play
KH uses simple, adaptable and effective techniques to weave stories and songs into massage activities or routines at home, nurseries and playgroups.
KH can be used by parents and carers working with children with special and complex needs.

Are you interested in instructor training?

Kind Hands instructors are adults from education, health and social care.  They are concerned with the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children 2-4 years and their parents and want to make a difference.   Instructors may also work with children with special or complex needs and their parents. 


Touchline Training courses are originally from the UK.  We provide 8 hours of online live-streaming instructor training courses for individuals or staff teams.  They acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to teach, through play, the positive touch techniques of Kind Hands.  

The ethos of the Kind Hands programme is one of respect and choice.  The training day includes theoretical and practical aspects and ensures instructors have the confidence, skills and knowledge to develop their activities.   Instructors use the programme in children's organisations and the home with both groups of children and their parents, as well as working with individual families. 


Instructors can network and exchange ideas and experiences with others in a relaxed and calm environment.


Benefits of Kind Hands (KH) for families
Children become calmer through positive touch and relaxation exercises.
Children would be more creative and imaginative and have fun learning
KH provides simple touch strokes in activities with nursery rhymes, songs and stories
Strengthen the relationship between parents and child, child to child
To observe the child’s behaviour improvement after applying KH

Benefit for Kind Hands (KH) for Instructor
To organise parents, carers and children to use Kind Hands activities
Able to help parents and carers to enhance communication and language with children
How to facilitate and design relaxation sessions with parents and carers for children
Can network and exchange ideas and experiences with others in a relaxed and calm environment
Have confidence, skills and knowledge to develop your own activities
Can have continuous support from the trainers after the training

Summary of course content

  • the role of Play and kinaesthetic Learning

  • the importance of touch

  • causes and Effects of Stress in Children and Parents

  • how positive touch and massage calm children

  • using the Kind Hands touch strokes in activities

  • developing your own massage stories

  • how to organise and implement the programme

  • working with parents

  • using massage stories and songs with children and parents

  • working with children with special and complex needs

  • health and safety and child protection

  • evaluating                                         


Instructors are provided with the support of their trainers and have access to various useful resources.


Kind Hands Instructor Training we provide:

  • Kind Hands Resources

  • Kind Hands Instructor’s Resources 

  • The Weather Story Parents  

  • Kind Hands Nursery Rhymes    

  • Kind Hands consent letter to parents

  • Kind Hands consent form organisation

  • Kind Hands Instructor’s record 

  • Research extracts relevant to Kind Hands  

  • The benefits of using peer massage

Kind Hands Downloadable Resources

  • Kind Hands Instructor Marketing flyer Digital

  • Kind Hands Standard PPT slides Digital

  • Kind Hands Introduction video ( Short and Long ones )

  • Kind Hands Song backing music

  • Kind Hands Relaxation Breathing ( MP3 )

  • Kind Hands Nursery Rhymes


It is to use with staff and parents. There are many positive touch activities for children in children’s organisations and with parents at home. You can download the documents and print individual pages or the whole document.

Instructors are kept up to date with research and studies that support their work.

Course fees include training and resources.  There are no additional costs involved in open training. 

*Accredited with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and Complementary

Therapists Association (CThA) as continuing professional development (CPD) for therapists.



Kind Hands Instructor Training 2023

Date & Time
22th & 29th October
2 PM - 6 PM
Mode & Language
Online training & in Mandarin
Training Fee 
$299 per person (U.P $350)
Includes Kind Hands Manual and Resources book
And Kind Hands downloadable resources

Kind Hands Instructor Training 2023

Date & Time
15th and 22nd November
9 AM - 1 PM
Mode & Language
Physical training & in English
Training Fee 
$350 per person (U.P$380)
Includes Kind Hands Manual and Resources book
And Kind Hands downloadable resources



Please sign up via Google form and make the payment via pay now UEN no: 201670210C


Kindly text 8806 0138 if you have any inquiries.

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Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs
Trainer - Amy Zhang

Ms Amy Zhang is a dedicated entrepreneur and parenting educator known for her maternity and baby care expertise. Her vision drives her to empower families to have a fulfilling and joyful parenting journey, achieved through specialized education, professional training, and high-quality products. She has been a certified infant massage instructor since 2006, a Massage in-school program in 2013 and Mini MISP program instructor, and a certified holistic massage therapist by ITEC. She conducts training in Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs in Singapore and China. Amy shares her vast knowledge and loves connecting with more people passionate about nurturing touch. 

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Kind Hands Massage Stories and Songs
Trainer -Shillina Phua

Shillina is a former aesthetic trainer with extensive beauty and spa experience.  She holds several beauty certifications from UK and Switzerland.  Shillina was certified as an Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM) in 2004 and Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) Instructor in 2005.

As an experienced trainer, she has been delivering workshops and trainings in Singapore to families with babies, children and the elderly within the community.  Shillina is an IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing instructor and Kind Hands instructor and joins the team as a Trainer for IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing Programme.

What participants says

Parents with 2-4 years old boy

"Very interactive and good to use for my own baby, it was very interesting, and we does the story massage every night "  

Nursery Teacher


It Was a amazing course and the trainers are both very patient and give us a lot of encouragement, I will continue to share this kind hands massage to more families and friends 

Head Teacher, Nursery, Bristol

"Its very practical and easy to adapt to many situation, they have their own idea, we as parents need to learn how to accept them"

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