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What is Infant Massage?




Art of love





New to infant massage?

Do you hear about infant massage? Have you done infant massage?

Infant Massage has been a researched based and long-lasting effect of parenting skills. It's a traditional art of love and care, and infant massage has been widely used in many cultures and counties; it provides parents with non-verbal communication with their children, which last for a lifetime.   

Infant Massage can be done by parents or primary carers; firstly, we encourage parents to bond and understand their baby. When parents using high-quality vegetable oil soothing, stroking, carrying their babies, the world seems to stop for them to experience such lovely moments. 

Parents spent the most quality time through infant massage with their babies; this kind of massage time offers a wonderful experience and a special time to communicate verbally and non-verbally. In a daily massage routine, parents and babies felt so much loved and respected. 

IAIM Certified
Infant Massage Instructor Training

What is the benefits of Infant Massage?

There are physical and emotional benefits of infant massage, and our IAIM infant massage is incorporated traditional massage of reflexology, Swedish massage, Indian massage and baby yoga.

Parents who attended our baby massage class who taught by CIMI ( certified infant massage instructor ) 

always gives positive feedback that they have gained so many bits of knowledge of baby massage, and they understand what is the baby massage is. It will help the baby physically healthy and build up the strong bonding between parents and babies. 

First-time parents always felt a lack of parenting skills, and they found that infant massage can make parents feel relaxed and helps the baby feel more valued, respected, and loved. It provided parents with a space to connect with their baby deeply. They are gaining a deeper understanding of their baby. 

It also helps both parents and babies reduced their crying and emotional stress. 

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What is the benefits of 
infant massage?









Nurturing Touch: About Us

Why attend IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor Training?

The quality and professionalism of the IAIM infant massage training are second to none, and the IAIM constitutes perhaps the world's most important and culturally innovative Social Movement to emerge in recent decades. Research shows conclusively that healthy early attachment is essential in human development, and the IAIM training is by far the best institutional approach on the planet for nurturing and empowering early parent-child attachment relationships."

It is through loving caressing tactile stimulation and communication that the infant learns that he/she is loved. 

We must speak to their skins. We must speak to their backs, which thirst and cry as much as their bellies.

-Loving Hands: The Traditional Art of body massage 

Frederick Leboyer

What is IAIM ? Why attend IAIM certified infant massage instructor training?

Amazing lady Vimala Maclure founded the IAIM organization in the year 1972. After many years of experience in infant massage, with the help of another inspiring lady Audrey Downes, they established the framework to register the association to expand Vimala's vision and mission. 

The International Association of Infant Massage is a world-class standard for the training of teaching infant massage classes. If you want to become a certified infant massage class, you will have the opportunity to attend our Live-steam instructor training by IAIM certified trainer consultant Maria Joao Alvito from Portugal.

To this day, all trainers and certified instructors continue to impact more families with nurturing touch, to support more families and create the world awareness of infant massage. We truly believe that infant massage can help every parent, every infant to have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits that have come from the early bonds that are loving, healthy, and secure.

To find out more information to visit international site :

Want to know more about the trainer?

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How many seats are left?


12 Pax


First come
first serve




International Certification

How to enrol on the training?
Talk to us, please text 8806 0138

Our IAIM Instructor Training has always been live training offering an experience as much as delivering information. Going online temporarily during the pandemic has been no different, and all of our training has been via live-stream instruction. 

As much as we miss being face-to-face, our feedback has highlighted that we can still create that IAIM feeling of togetherness, enjoyment of the process and the warmth of our mission.  

We've worked hard to provide engaging and interactive online training and be fully available to our students during their process. 

Our upcoming course date is 

01,02,03, March 2024  2 pm to 8:30 pm​ (Singapore time GMT+8)​

14,15,16  March 2024, 2 pm to 6:30 pm​ (Singapore time GMT+8)​

(Limited Seats Available)

Online teaching: 2 pm to 5 pm, 5 pm - 5.30 pm break, 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Limited to 14pax to make sure our course delivers with the highest standards.

Online: Voov meeting ( Live-stream class )
Language: English & Mandarin (fully translated )  


The course fee: S$2280 per person
Limited time offer: Only S$1880 per person

Sign up now!! Or talk to our experienced instructor consultant at 8806 0138

To make a payment to IAIM instructor training, please click here

Our instructor training includes:
1. 6 days (half day each) of live online streaming training 
2. IAIM Instructor Manual English or Mandarin as per requested.
3. Comprehensive compendium of additional information
4. Loving parents book x1
5. Demonstrating doll x1 
6. Ongoing support from the trainer and organiser

Ways Group ( Singapore ) Pte Ltd reserved the right for the above training.

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