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Nurturing Touch: About Us

The sense of touch is the earliest sensory ability to develop in the womb. Touch is often referred to as the "mother's sense," considered foundational for survival and surpassing other senses in importance. While one can endure the absence of sight, hearing, smell, and taste, touch is indispensable. Skin sensitivity emerges as early as eight weeks into embryonic development. In the womb, the fetus experiences a pseudo-massage through the movement of amniotic fluid, later complemented by contact with the uterine wall. The birthing process itself serves as an essential massage for the newborn. Touch, being the most advanced sense, becomes the primary mode of communication between parents and their infants, forming a crucial aspect of bonding.

Infant Massage Book

Keep your life simple

and serenity will follow.

Like a small country with little 

need for supersonic travel,

a simple life has little need for

tension and stress

Give your children yourself, and 

the need for things will be minimal.


Parents worldwide know that their babies need to be held, rocked, carried and fondled. Cross-cultural studies have shown that in societies where infants are held, massaged, rocked, breastfed and carried, adults are more cooperative, compassionate, and less aggressive and violent. For infants, massage is much more than a luxurious experience or physical therapy. It is a tool for maintaining a child's health and well-being. Parents feel secure in their ability to do something positive and receive a positive response from their baby. Research has shown that touch is as important as food for humans and animals. 

Why massage your baby is important?

Why attend IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor Training?

What is the nurturing touch?

Amazing lady Vimala Maclure founded the IAIM organization in 1972. After many years of experience in infant massage, with the help of another inspiring lady, Audrey Downes, they established the framework to register the association to expand Vimala's vision and mission. 

The International Association of Infant Massage is a world-class standard for the training of teaching infant massage classes. If you want to become a certified infant massage class, you will have the opportunity to attend our face to face training by IAIM certified trainer consultant Maria Joao Alvito from Portugal.

To this day, all trainers and certified instructors continue to impact more families with nurturing touch, to support more families and create the world awareness of infant massage. We truly believe that infant massage can help every parent, every infant to have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits that have come from the early bonds that are loving, healthy, and secure.

To find out more information to visit international site :

Class practical
Infant Massage training

The quality and professionalism of the IAIM infant massage training are second to none, and the IAIM constitutes perhaps the world's most important and culturally innovative Social Movement to emerge in recent decades. Research shows conclusively that healthy early attachment is essential in human development, and the IAIM training is by far the best institutional approach on the planet for nurturing and empowering early parent-child attachment relationships."

Infant Massage book

It is through loving caressing tactile stimulation and communication that the infant learns that he/she is loved. 

We must speak to their skins. We must speak to their backs, which thirst and cry as much as their bellies.

-Loving Hands: The Traditional Art of body massage 

Frederick Leboyer

What are the benefits of Infant Massage?

There are physical and emotional benefits of infant massage, and our IAIM infant massage is incorporated traditional massage of reflexology, Swedish massage, Indian massage and baby yoga.

Parents who attended our baby massage class who taught by CIMI ( certified infant massage instructor ) 

always gives positive feedback that they have gained so many bits of knowledge of baby massage, and they understand what is the baby massage is. It will help the baby physically healthy and build up the strong bonding between parents and babies. 

First-time parents always felt a lack of parenting skills, and they found that infant massage can make parents feel relaxed and helps the baby feel more valued, respected, and loved. It provided parents with a space to connect with their baby deeply. They are gaining a deeper understanding of their baby. 

It also helps both parents and babies reduced their crying and emotional stress. 

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IAIM Certified infant massage
instructor program

About the trainer

Maria Joao Alvito

Maria João Alvito
IAIM Consultant Trainer, Physiotherapist

Maria graduated from Portuguese Physiotherapy University degree in 1990, started working in 1990 in different areas of Physiotherapy at Lisbon Egas Moniz Hospital until 2001. She taught pre-natal and post-natal parental educational groups.
At this time, I also work with the Portuguese Association of Physiotherapy in Women's Health, developing training for physiotherapists.

Began working with IAIM - International Association of Infant Massage in 2000 as a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) and in 2005 as an IAIM Trainer.  She is the Co-founder of the official representative chapter of IAIM in Portugal, entitled APMI.  Member of IAIM Educational Committee for Trainer Candidates developing training in different countries to certify IAIM Trainers and supervising the international process to become an IAIM Trainer.

In 2002, a parental educational health centre - Olá Mamã - was founded in Lisbon as the coordinator CEO of a multi-care health team. The centre welcomes new families, where parents clarify their doubts and have several pre and post-natal services covering health issues. 

Maria João develops professional training covering exercises for pregnancy, pre-natal and post-natal parental education, pregnancy massage and baby massage.

In the last twenty years, she has taught 300 professional health training courses all over Portugal. Invited to teach and supervise training in several countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico South Africa and China since 2018.
The overall training content regards infant massage, pregnancy massage and trainer candidates’ training.

In between, she was the author and host of the Mãe-me-Quer TV program in SIC Mulher - a Portuguese women channel. The program included 13 episodes concerning parenting, pregnancy and childhood where different health experts were invited to develop issues covering pregnancy, pre and post natal period and child development.

Inspired by different cultures, families and babies to spread the nurturing touch all over the world. 

Our training program will empower you to instruct parents or primary caregivers, either individually or in small groups, in the art of baby massage. You'll be proficient in demonstrating massage techniques using a doll, creating a serene atmosphere conducive to informal discussions on various baby-focused topics. 

In addition to acquiring the skills to facilitate parent-infant communication, you'll be able to foster parent/child bonding and contribute to the optimal conditions for infant development. Within this supportive environment, parents and caregivers will discover the myriad benefits of nurturing touch.

It's important to note that this certification doesn't qualify you to train others in teaching or performing infant massage. During the four-day training, you'll be asked to sign an agreement acknowledging this limitation.

What will our training equip you to do?

What is the process to become an instructor

The IAIM instructor training presents a unique opportunity for individuals to assist parents and primary caregivers in acquiring the skills to communicate lovingly and respectfully with their babies through massage.

This comprehensive training integrates international core curriculum theory with hands-on experience, allowing participants to learn massage strokes on a doll and teach segments of a parent/baby massage class. Throughout the training, three sessions involve parents and their babies: one led by the trainer for observation and two providing students with the chance to facilitate part of a class, supported by their peers.

To achieve certification as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), students must:

1) Attend the professional four-day instructor training course led by an internationally qualified IAIM trainer.
2) Complete a take-home assignment within four months following the training.

3) Submit parent evaluation forms after teaching at least five baby massage classes to five families.

After submitting your assignment, the trainer will review it and issue the certificate from the IAIM ( International Association of Infant Massage). 

The IAIM training program welcomes individuals interested in sharing the numerous benefits of nurturing touch and is designed to be accessible to anyone with that interest.

How to enrol on the training?
Talk to us, please text 8806 0138

Dates 12,13,14,15 September 2024  Singapore

Schedule: 9:00 to 5:00 pm daily

Mode: face to face training

Language: English

IAIM instructor training (0-1year) 4 days

Usual fee: $2300 per person
Limited time offer:
S$1999 by 31 July 2024.


Sign up now!! Please click here to make payment.


Kindly fill out the registration form here.

Or talk to our experienced instructor consultant at 8806 0138.

If you are working with older children from 2-6 years old, 

Kind Hands Massage Story and Song Instructor Training will also be your choice.

To learn more about the Kind Hands program, please click here

IAIM + Kind Hands  Usual fee: $2650 per person

Limited time offer for a package of two courses: S$2199 by 31 July 2024.

Sign up now!! Please click here to make payment.

Our instructor training includes:
1. 4 Full days of live intensive training with theory and practical.
2. IAIM Instructor Manual English or Mandarin as requested.
3. Comprehensive compendium of additional information.
4. 1 Bottle of Baby massage oil
5. 1 Baby massage demonstrating doll 
6. Ongoing support from the trainer and organiser

7. Trainer reviewing the assignment through email

8. First-year membership with the Singapore chapter of IAIM

9. An attendance certificate will be issued upon the completion of the training. 

Ways Group ( Singapore ) Pte Ltd reserved the right for the above training.

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