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Our Workshops

Are you looking for practical interventions to support your family or children's wellbeing?


Ask about our ‘Nurturing Skills’ workshops. Are you looking for an interactive relaxation workshop? We can introduce you to new skills and provide some resources. Do you have a conference or study day to plan? We can provide a range of speakers and workshops.

Our Trainers and Instructors contribute to educational conferences for those working with parents, children and young people and conferences and workshops which focus on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of early years of families and friends.

We provide mini-workshop to work with you together, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), Behaviour Support, anti-bullying conferences and Stroke Support Group conferences providing presentations and interactive workshops.

Speakers focus on the use of relaxation techniques and positive, nurturing touch with reference to case studies and research.

Hospital Waiting Room

01 Care professionals 

Nurturing Touch For Carers

Learning how to use the touch principles to parents and caregivers in an enjoyable and fun way to nurture and bond with their babies. The role of carers is to educate and empower parents and carers on the importance of nurturing touch. it provides a gentle intervention that supports and encourages them to build their confidence in their skills to understand and support the needs of the babies and toddlers. 

02  Mindful Parenting Workshop

Nurturing With Love And Wisdom

This workshop contains vital building blocks for a positive, nurturing family life that allows children to naturally grow up with the values we model. Parents can learn some useful techniques to apply with their children. Helps parents find some time every day to play with their children, we believe the precious time is when relationships are enjoyed and the feeling of love grow.

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Image by Keren Fedida

03  Mindful Parenting Workshop

Disciplining With Peace And Respect

The root word of discipline in Latin is to educate. The root of education is reduced, is to draw from within. Another word of discipline is a disciple.  A disciple follows the master. Would the model of real discipline be a parent who peacefully and respectfully leads your child to discover and develop their natural beauty, qualities and values. 

04 Kind Hands Stories and Songs

Nurturing Touch Child Massage Workshop

We weave positive and nurturing touch into well loved stories and nursery rhymes with simple touch strokes on the back, arms and hands. Children ask permission and have the right to say ‘no’.  They are provided with the opportunity to develop their coordination, control and movement.

Nurturing touch helps children and their parents bond, creating closer relationships. Parents can enjoy giving their children a bedtime story massage on the back which calms a young child and improves their sleep. 

Moms and Babies

05  Nurturing Touch for 0-12months young parents Workshop

Understanding of the importance of nurturing touch

Nurturing Touch Infant Massage Workshop led by IAIM certified instructor and practised by parents/caregivers with the baby.  Using high-quality non-fragranced vegetable oil, soothing holds and rhythmic strokes are given on each area of the baby's body, following a sequence that has been developed over many years.


The massage offers a beautiful experience and a special one to one quality time to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with babies so that parents and babies feel loved, valued and respected.

06 Impact well-being workshop

Impact on well-being of senior citizen workshop

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing’s relaxation techniques and a basic understanding of the causes and effects of stress can help build resilience and provide improved mental, emotional and physical well-being for young people and adults.

IMPACT relaxation techniques affect the body’s nervous and hormonal systems, encouraging a quick return to a state of calm.  All the techniques are well researched and shown to be effective.  

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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