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IMPACT Instructor Training


Instructor’s Workplace Wellbeing Training

Instructors are adults from education, health, social care and other work-related organisations.  They are concerned with their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues or those with whom they are working. 

New From July 2020 there is an online Instructor’s training course that allows learners to work at their own pace.  The course covers the same material as the day face to face course described below.  Also, see IMPACT Online for more information.

Instructors implement the programme in their place of work or to groups with whom they work and encourage its regular use.

Are you interested in instructor’s training?

Benefits of IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing 

IMPACT Workplace Wellbeing’s relaxation techniques and a basic understanding of the causes and effects of stress can help build resilience and provide improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for young people and adults.

IMPACT relaxation techniques affect the body’s nervous and hormonal systems, encouraging a quick return to a state of calm.  All the techniques are well researched and shown to be effective.  

IMPACT Wellbeing’s toolkit of relaxation techniques include:

  • Breathing and stretching exercises

  • Relaxation and guided visualisation

  • Self-massage for head and hands

  • Peer massage for head and hands

  • A mindfulness-based approach

Participants also gain an understanding of the causes and effects of stress.

Please text 8806 0138 or email for more details.

What instructor says

Foundation Stage Leader,

Croydon 2014

"Thank you very much for such a wonderful, engaging course.  I can't wait to start implementing all the ideas and techniques which we will be starting immediately."  

Nursery Teacher, Bristol, 2004 


"It gave me lots of ideas I hadn't thought about and also the confidence to try.

Head Teacher, Nursery, Bristol

"The way in which our individual setting's needs were considered was impressive."

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