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It can be used for baby nappies, baby shower cloth, or baby burping cloth! Extra soft and gentle on baby skin, best for newborn babies!


  • 100% Cotton Baby Napkins
    Baby napkins are multiple usages for newborn till one-year-old baby. 
  • Pack of 8pcs


It's highly recommended for newborn napkins, materials more breathable and ultra-soft.  With our baby napkin, size is not an issue as you can fold it manually to a suitable size.


  • Made from 100% cotton, the material is super soft and breathable for newborns,
  • making it unlikely for your baby to develop any rashes, which might occur when using regular diapers.

    No Chemical Treatment

    Multiple usages:
    Burping cloth 
    Bathing towel
    Face towel
    Baby Napkins

    ❖Ultra-soft, multi-usage
    ❖1-for-1 exchange for factory default within 6 months

100% Cotton Baby Napkin Single Pack - 8pcs

S$24.90 Regular Price
S$21.90Sale Price
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