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What is Nurturing Touch Pre & Post Natal Massage Instructor Training?

The process of pregnancy encompasses changes on different levels: physiological, emotional and social. These changes bring physical discomforts and challenges that can be overcome with a qualified health intervention.

A professional with specific training in massage during pregnancy can develop different massage techniques to provide a physical and emotional balance to pregnant women and babies. The prenatal bonding process can start with simple steps and attention, and it’s never too early to start bonding with your baby when the woman or mother takes care of herself.

Pregnancy is a unique process for each woman. Nowadays, pregnant woman is looking for their welfare during the nine months of pregnancy. Fathers and families will be included in the training content to promote the well-being of mothers and babies.

Are you interested in instructor training?

Nurturing massage sessions can help a woman or mother experience this process, contributing to a balanced connection with the baby and positive acceptance of her pregnant body.

Investigations reinforced that the touch area in pregnancy  &  childbirth benefits the mother and the baby.

Massage during pregnancy provides health professionals with a simple and effective tool for solving a series of typical pre-and postpartum complaints.


A pregnant woman can enjoy nurturing massage, relaxation and well-being to facilitate prenatal bonding with her baby and achieve a better way of a healthy birth.


During  this training as participants can deepen their knowledge about:


  • Contextualisation of nurturing massage during pregnancy

  • Physical and emotional changes of pregnancy

  • Physical Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy and Labour 

  • Emotional Benefits: Prenatal Bonding 

  • Contraindications of massage during pregnancy 

  • Placements, postural care and primary conditions

  • Demonstration and practice of massage techniques

  • Self-massage in pregnancy/childbirth, postnatal period

  • Self-massage the perineum: indications  

  • Teaching fathers and families to give nurturing massage 


How do I enrol on the training?

Training mode: Live-stream online training 

Training Date: 7、8、14  and 15 July, 2023

Training Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Limited seats are available, and the total duration is 16 hours 

Translated training: English & Mandarin

Training Fee: S$ 750 

Early bird price: S$ 650

( By 30 May 2023 )

Meeting: Voov meeting 

Please text 8806 0138 to enrol on the training

Nurturing Touch Prenatal Massage Instructor Training

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