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About us: About Us
Happy Family at Home

Ways Baby is a family-oriented service and education platform that aim to help new parents to have a smooth sailing parenting journey from prenatal to postnatal by providing much-needed knowledge and education to care for their most precious one. We envision cultivating the seed of hope, love and nurturing lifestyle through education and service for millions of families as we believe that is the essence and beauty of birth. We pride ourselves on providing our community with high-quality, family-centric care services and health education.

Ways Baby Club has a signature program, FIRST 1000-DAY NURTURING TOUCH. Our Care Professionals comprise highly skilled medical professionals who deeply value your role as parents and the family's well-being. We pride ourselves on providing our community with high-quality, family-centric care and healthcare education.

Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier, and we work with that idea in mind. Ways Baby Club has the wellness classes and services you'd like when you're feeling fine.

Our Vision

To cultivate a fulfilling, joyful parenting journey for families.


Our Mission

To serve 10 million families and make an impact on their lives. To be the top 10 trusted brands and partner in holistic health and well-being, bringing balance to the lives of individual families, organisations and society.

Brand commitment 

Ways Baby is a parenting services provider to help new parents and babies so that they can build 

a strong foundation in their early years of life. 

Ways Education is the training provider that helps healthcare professionals empower and support families to cultivate a positive and joyful parenting journey.

Nurturing Touch First 1000days


"What a gift to new and expecting moms. You have no idea the mountain and rollercoaster you're about to embark on, but Nurture somehow gives you a peek in and the essential information to help ground you." 

–Catherine McCord, founder of Weelicious and One Potato


No one gets through this life without twists, turns, disappointments, and surprises. If self-care feels like one thing you must do, do yourself a big favour and understand why we need self-care and couple care to take good care of babies to grow.


Nurturing Touch is a lifetime! As Certified nurturing touch instructors, we love to bring in a new approach to share insightful knowledge and experience about nurturing Touch. Our unique role is to empower you to listen to your own needs; it helps enlighten physical and emotional stages throughout pregnancy, labour & postnatal period, and early years of life to use different techniques to enjoy nurturing Touch!


Nurture is an all-inclusive pregnancy and birthing guide that gives mothers and their partners the information they need to make decisions, feel confident and enjoy the beauty of creating new life.


To live in this moment, learn to Be present, Be connected, and Be in love.


Our purpose is to promote nurturing Touch to encourage bonding and emotional comfort for all mothers and fathers:  As we understand pregnancy, birth, and the process of mothering and fathering, our unique experiences in our life.


Why Nurturing Touch Matters:

  • Touch can affect how a woman experiences pregnancy and labour and influence work progression.

  • The most effective Touch for a woman is a touch that offers physical nurturing and emotional.

  • Nurture is a thoughtful and helpful gift for expecting mothers and babies.

Whether you're coming in for a meetup or a more class or service, our dedicated team of health practitioners and certified instructors have the skills and resources to manage your physical and emotional needs. We can't wait to help you feel better today.

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