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Amy Zhang has been in the maternity and infant care industry for over ten years, passionate about empowering parents to cultivate a fulfilling, joyful parenting journey and impact lives through quality education and professional training. Beyond her passion for nurturing parenting, Ms. Amy has been the director and founder of Ways Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd since 2015. Ways Education(维氏教育) & Ways Baby (维氏宝贝)are two regional brands that have a significant impact on families and care professionals. Ways Education is the training provider that helps healthcare professionals empower and support families to cultivate a positive and joyful parenting journey. Ways Baby is a parent craft service provider that allows new parents and babies to build a strong foundation in their early years.

Amy has a tight-knitted relationship with her parents. Looking back, the nurturing touch her parents brought her up with was a gift of love that lasts a lifetime.


When she got certified as an International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) instructor in 2006 and after having her baby, she incorporated baby massage as a joyful art into her daughter’s morning routine, as her mum did with her in the past, used her hands to soothe, calm and communicates her love to her baby. She had bonds formed through nurturing touch that impacted her family deeply.


She is a true believer in nurturing touch and is willing to share her knowledge and experience with families and friends. 

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Why Nurturing Touch Matters:


Touch can affect how a woman experiences pregnancy and labour and influence work progression.

The most effective touch for a woman is a touch that offers not only physical nurturing but also emotional.


Nurture is a thoughtful and helpful gift for expecting mothers and their partners.

Self-care feels like one thing you must do, do yourself a big favour and understand why we need self-care and couple care to take good care of babies to grow.

A comprehensive and joyful pregnancy nurturing touch class: 

Encouraging touch class covers theory learning, hands-on practice, supportive self-care and relaxation techniques, and trimester-specific holistic remedies for every mother is a unique experience they can share and feel among the class.


Nurturing touch class covers touch information that every modern mom needs to know, including fatal development, relaxation techniques, massage strokes on different body parts, and the basics of massage on C-section.


Nurturing touch is all in one, from pregnancy and birthing to the baby's early years of life. Feel free to join our 1000days program.

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Words review from customers

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Massage can helps us to bond better, and after I learned the class, I felt I knew my baby better. 

Thank you so much for your class. My baby enjoyed being massaged and felt relaxed. 

We started to observe our baby and play with him, I enjoy doing massage for my baby. This is best way i could be a father.

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Before class, I didn't know anything about baby massage, and it's important but now I will try to spend time every day for his massage 

It can incorporate many massage routines, and it did help my children to improve their quality of sleep. 
With the instructor guild, the massage becomes easier.


Massage can helps us to bond better and after I learned the class, I felt that I know my baby better. 

Meet your instructor
Ms Amy Zhang

❑   Director and Founder of Ways Group

❑   Holistic Massage Therapy by ITEC UK

❑   Certified Nurturing Touch Pre & Post Natal Instructor ( Pregnancy in 28weeks+)

❑   Certified Infant Massage Instructor by IAIM since 2006 for babies (0 -1yrs)

❑   Certified Kind Hands Massage Stories And Songs Instructor for toddlers (2-4yrs)

❑   Certified Massage in school program instructor by MISA for children (4-12years)

❑   Industrial Trainer Certified by ITE

❑   Training Organiser in Singapore & China



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